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You’re frustrated that you can’t get through to your child. You’ve tried everything, but no matter what you do, his light isn’t shining, and your relationship is suffering. 

Talking and consequences don’t work, and you’re starting to feel like your child is never going to have a life that’s free, easy, and fun. Instead, she’s consumed with worry and it’s keeping her from being her best self and preventing the two of you from getting along.

You’ve always noticed a difference in your child’s behavior at home compared to when he’s in public. But lately, this difference is getting more pronounced and harder to handle. You’re trying to find ways to help him keep up with others’ expectations, but it seems that any way you get involved only makes him feel more and more anxious. It seems like no matter how much you try to help your child, you end up pushing him further away and your relationship suffers even more.

It’s excruciating to face the unknown of how well your child’s behavior will adjust to life’s demands. To not know whether she will thrive socially, academically, or personally.

Sunshine Child and Family Counseling can help.

With over 30 years of collective experience working specifically with children, Sunshine Child and Family Counseling is dedicated to understanding the world from the child’s perspective. We help your family by using methods that make sense to young minds rather than treating your child like a miniature adult. We meet every individual where they are and take the time to facilitate true healing.

Your child can feel free to be himself without worry and the two of you can have a happier healthier relationship.

At Sunshine Child & Family Counseling we offer services that expand from childhood through adulthood. 

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Play Therapy

Helping children communicate their thoughts, feelings, and develop problem solving skills all through play!

Parenting Therapy

Helping parents gain the tools and skills to be a more effective parent and continue to build the parent child connection!

Teen Therapy

Helping tweens and teens manage their environmental stressors while developing helpful coping skills!

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